Four Signs You Should Replace Your Heater With a Heat Pump

30 September 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


If you currently have an old furnace and are thinking about replacing it, you have the option of replacing it with another similar furnace or switching to a heat pump. The right option varies depending on your situation, but there are multiple things you should keep in mind. Here are four signs you should switch to a heat pump.

1. You want to reduce energy bills.

In most cases, heat pumps use less energy than gas furnaces. As a result, if you want to reduce your family's energy consumption for environmental reasons, a heat pump may be the right option for you. Heat pumps work by absorbing heat from cold areas and releasing the heat into the areas that you want warm. As this process is relatively natural, it doesn't need a lot of energy.

2. You have ductwork in place.

In most cases, if you switch to a heat pump, it needs to be connected to ductwork. If you currently have a radiator system that does not include ductwork, you may not be able to use a heat pump. Most heat pumps come with air handlers to blow air through the vents. However, there are some exceptions.

Namely, if you have room to add ductwork through an attic, crawlspace or dropped ceiling, you may want to add ducts so you can use a heat pump. Alternatively, in some cases, you can find split system heat pumps. These connect to individual, smaller units so you don't have to work about ducting.

3. Your gas furnace has been heating your home unevenly.

Sometimes gas furnaces blow hot air into one space more effectively than other spaces, or they make parts of your home really hot followed by uncomfortably cold and then hot again. If you have been having this issue, you should consider switching to heat pumps. Their technology allows them to create consistent amounts of heat.

4. You want a multi-purpose solution.

One of the biggest advantages of switching to a heat pump is that it is a multi-purpose solution. You can use the system to replace your existing heater and also to cool your home. If you want to consolidate systems and improve the cooling in your house, you may want to investigate heat pumps as well.

To learn more about heat pumps and whether or not they are a viable replacement option for your existing furnace, contact a heat pump specialist like Greenlogic Solar Energy Systems.