Don't Forget to Consider These Features When Renting a Cheap Skip Bin

12 February 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A cheap skip bin can be a great choice for any cleanout job you have around the house or for when you're moving and know it's time to purge things you don't need to bring with you to your new home. When you're ready to rent a cheap skip bin, you may be surprised as the options you have and may assume that you only want to get the cheapest one you can find. However, it's good to note a few features that you don't want to overlook before you make a decision on your rental.

1. Electronics

Generally you are restricted from tossing away certain electronics when you hire a skip bin, and you may want to have them recycled anyway. However, there are some skip bins that allow you to add in items like televisions, radios, computers, and the like, and these will be taken to a recycling center. Rather than assuming that you need to handle the recycling of these items yourself, note if there is a skip bin hire you can choose for electronics alone.

2. Walk-in

When cleaning out your home before a move or just for spring cleaning, you may actually want to access items after you've put them in the bin. You and your spouse may disagree over what should be tossed out, or you may see that you do have room for certain items after you've cleaned out the basement or garage, and want to take them out of the bin. A walk-in bin gives you access to items, and can also make it easier to toss out heavier objects that would be difficult to lift over the wall of a bin. If you're doing the cleaning yourself, choose a walk-in bin so you don't need to ask for help to lift furniture, landscaping refuse, and the like.

3. Wheels

You may assume you want a skip bin with wheels so you can easily transport it or move it around your property, but at the same time, this can make your skip bin unsteady. It may be good to have a skip bin without wheels that stays in one place for heavier pieces you'll be tossing out, or if you want a bin with a walk-in feature. While wheeled skip bins usually come with brakes of some sort, you may forget to set them or not set them properly, and you don't want to risk anyone's safety. If you're not sure if your bin should have casters or wheels, you might go without just so you know it will stay in place. For more information, talk to a professional who rents cheap skip bins.