Understanding Your Choices for a Home Wastewater Recycling System

12 November 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A home waste water recycling system can save you on the cost of your water bill, reduce the pollution caused by waste water treatment plants, and also reduce the use of this natural resource. These types of waste water recycling systems are very common in trailers and motor homes but they can also be used in your permanent residence. When you start shopping for home waste water recycling systems, you may be surprised at the various options you have, so note a few details of those choices. This will help you pick the right system for your home.

1. Filtered greywater

A filtered greywater system is usually one of the more expensive systems and is often attached to rain barrels and other natural collection systems. These filters clean water of any sediment and debris that it may contain so you can use this water indoors. Filtered greywater systems may also be used indoors and attached to your showers or sinks to clean the water that comes from a showerhead or tap, so it can be reused.

2. Unfiltered greywater

An unfiltered greywater system simply circulates the water from your sinks and shower to the tank that fills your toilet. You don't need to filter this water as it may simply be soapy or have shampoo residue and will work fine in the toilet for flushing. These systems are much more affordable than a filtered greywater system, but note that the water is only recommended for use in the toilet, as the soap and shampoo and other sediment in this water makes it a poor choice even for watering your lawn or garden.

3. Custom greywater systems

While being the most expensive option, custom greywater systems will give you ultimate control over how water is reused in your home. For example, you may have sinks and showers hooked up to a more thorough filter that traps soap and shampoo and other residue so that the water is then cleaned and sent to your home's irrigation system. This makes it safe to use for watering the lawn and your garden.

Other systems may circulate water used in the shower back into the bathroom plumbing and not to the kitchen sink, so you know water used for food prep is safest. These types of systems may include filters as well as changes to your plumbing pipes in order to reroute water, so be prepared for the expense if you choose a custom system.