5 Reasons Your Energy Bill is Higher

26 August 2014
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Experiencing a higher energy bill when you are running your heater or air conditioner due to the current weather is to be expected, but there actually many other reasons you might be dealing with a higher energy bill. If your monthly energy bill has suddenly started spiking, here are some potential causes.

Seasonal Appliances

Any type of appliance you use in different seasons or weather conditions is going to cause your energy bill to spike. This includes your central heating or air, hot air furnaces, dehumidifiers, room fans or ceiling fans and space heaters. It is not unusual to have a higher energy bill in the summer when you are trying to cool off your home, or in the winter when you need it warmed up.

Old and Faulty Appliances

Any of your household appliances could be causing the spike on your energy bill if they are getting old. Older appliances tend to not work as well and require more energy to continue working at maximum capacity. If you have an older dishwasher, washer or dryer, stovetop or refrigerator, it might be time to have it replaced. When you purchase a new one, you can also get a more energy-efficient model to lower your energy consumption.

Charging Electronic Devices

Electronic devices, such as tablet computers, digital cameras and cell phones, can also cause your energy to spike. If you notice your energy bill has gone up recently, it might be due to how many devices are plugged in, and how often. To lower your bill, only plug in devices when necessary instead of keeping them plugged in at all times.

Faulty Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioner unit can also be the culprit, particularly if it is one that plugs in, like a window or room unit. If you think the high energy costs might be due to a faulty air conditioner, call an air conditioner professional from a company like West Air Conditioning to have it inspected. Repairs may help reduce the amount of energy the unit is using, or the HVAC professional can recommend replacing it if necessary.

Extra Laundry

Some appliances use more electricity than others. Your washer and dryer use a lot of energy when they are used. If you are using the washer and dryer more often, due to having guests over or a new baby in the household, that can explain why your bill is suddenly higher. To reduce energy from laundry, refrain from using the machine until it has a full load.